My name is Søren N., and i live in Hillerød Denmark. I was born on march 1971, so i have peaked several years ago :)
I work as a System Developer in a large (in Danish scales) telephone company, where i develop Workflow computer systems, made in Visual Basic as the primary language.

I have to kids, Frederik (5 years old) and Nikolaj (3 years old),  and live together with Lotte in an apartment close to the woods in Hillerød :)

My big interest and joy, which have resulted in a kind of lifestyle for me (and Lotte) is playing the most popular game in the world thru the internet, called Counter Strike.
I started playing the game in February 2001 and have gotten to know a lot of people playing the game and we have now friends in many cities around Europe.

I am often in IRC (QuakeNet), in the channels #TCSUK, #UK2, so feel free to say hi, my IRC nick is FMJ.

Computer spec:

AMD XP1900+ @ 2000/512 MB DDR-RAM
60 GB Matrox Harddrive
Sound Blaster 5.1 Live
ASUS Geforce 4 TI4200 128 MB
100 MB Zip drive
19" Compaq monitor
Logitech Dual Optical
Func 1030 pad
Thrust 410 Headset
XP pro

We have a 2 MBit ADSL connection, with a LinkSys Router :)