Welcome to FullMetalJacket's Homepage

I have changed the looks on the website, changed the index page and the main page.
I will in the future try to make the website more information based, and try to update it more frequently, with text and pictures, and put in a note when it has been updated on this page.

Latest news, after uR went from a serious to a "for fun" clan, i thought about it and desided that i would rather be in a "real" fun clan, like TCSUK, which is a bunch of great lads, with great skills (not that uR aint ..:))
And i have known them for a long time now, so i couldnt imagine another clan i would rather join them then.
Luckily they hadent a problem with me joining, (the bacon bribe payed off) so im now playing for TCSUK.

The bad part is that my RSI (mouse injury) has gotten worse and i am pretty concerned about it, since i have pains on a daily basis, making CS a painfull experience (so is work..btw) so i am looking into different ways to fix my mouse injury problem, like more breaks, streaching my musclees often, etc.. etc..

The links to different sites have been updated, look under links :)